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We are listening, recommend and design together. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for. Success is measured by results; What matters most is how our customers feel about their experience with us. You can see the results of these efforts below.

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The needs of your facility are determined according to your demands and the most appropriate solutions are offered for both you and the end users. Because the end user will be happy with the quality of your work. At this point, the first people you will contact and the first people to greet you are the Arde Machinery sales team. 

Our job is to find out with you how best to solve your need or problem. 

We design the solution together; 

Sometimes brainstorming existing solutions can be enough. 

Most of the time, our team knows from experience which solution to recommend. 

In other cases, new custom designs are needed. 

After making sure that we have a general solution concept that can work well, the next stage begins with the Sales department discussing all the details with the design, software and production team. 

You will be informed about every stage of our work 

At the end of step 1, you will have a Preliminary project that shows you the concrete solution for the general operation of your facility.

The next step is to begin the project that will create the solution based on the agreed design. 

As our client, you will have a dedicated project team. 

The project manager at Arde will involve you at all the right stages of the process, ensuring schedules are followed and the outcome is in line with what was agreed. 

Concept, design & engineering

Close involvement of both parties is crucial. Although Arde has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fish processing, as the customer, you know best how the equipment will fit your specific needs in terms of use, design and size. 


In the turnkey solutions provided by Arde, all critical elements, except some ancillary equipment, are developed and produced by us. 

Throughout the entire project, you, as the customer, will only need to interact with Arde. 

We plan so that there is no question in your mind that we will ensure that all components work well together and are of the quality and standards required for optimum fish processing. 

Arde has mechanical engineers who design, draw and model the elements to be used and complete the production materials for these components.

 The shop then receives the drawings, plans production, purchases the materials and specific parts to be used. Following this, production work begins. Here it is welded, assembled and constructed according to its own procedures and requirements. As part of the manufacturing process, all products will be appropriately tested and quality assured. 

Completion of production : 

After all machines and equipment are produced and prepared, they will be sent to you for assembly. Before the actual installation of the equipment, the Arde project manager ensures a clear and precise dialogue with you. 

It ensures that you are ready to install machinery and equipment in accordance with agreed specifications and requirements. 

Arde technical manager is usually on hand to give instructions during installation. 

After the fish processing system is successfully installed, all elements are tested. 

Although we test all components one by one to start, the entire system is tested again after installation.

Once the delivery has been confirmed by you as a customer, the ARDE Service Department will be there for you throughout the entire life cycle of the systems, right through to the operational phase. Our services during the operational phase may include tailored service agreements, 24/7 service, remote and on-site support, storage and logistics tailored to your needs as a customer, training, maintenance and warranty management.

Our after-sales and services;

Once the project is completed and all equipment has been received, installed, tested and approved by you as a customer, the Arde After Sales Support and Service department will take responsibility internally, moving to the operational phase. Our main task at this stage is to provide you with full technical support.

Our operational services may include tailored service agreements, 24/7 service, remote and on-site support, training tailored to your needs as a customer, maintenance and warranty management.

One of the most important things the service department does after delivering a project is to prepare a list of spare parts specific to the solution you received and then ensure that these parts are available in your own warehouses and/or in our stocks.

We are always with you.

Another important part of the ARDE Service Department’s duties is to ensure that equipment meets industry standards and is up to date. It ensures that the customer is aware of the latest technological solutions in fish processing, as required and recommended, thus ensuring optimum efficiency.

Our team consists of automation technicians and service engineers with extensive experience in fish processing. When the fish processing system is running, it can meet all the customer’s needs and is always there for support.



Arde Makina has teammates who will offer the best solution for your needs.

As Arde Makina, we have been producing machinery by developing projects for aquatic products, poultry products, red meat products, dried fruit and vegetable lines, advanced processing and more since 2015. We are a young and dynamic company that aims to be a leader in the sector in many areas such as Check Scales, Grader fish grading machines, Productivity & Filleting, Coding and Labeling systems, Hopper scales, Conveyor systems and many more, with our experience accumulated over many years and our large portfolio of happy customers...